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which had 189 military coups in its first 168 years of independence, has become a country with stable democracy. Voters elected President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada to be the head of state in their new democracy. Columbia, the most violent country in South America, has had the hardest time dealing with corruption in their democracy. This is due to their booming drug trade. It has 83 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, nine times the US murder rate. Someone gets killed in Bogota, the capital of Columbia, every hour. In Medillin it’s every half hour. Columbia has a type of “narco-democracy” in which drug traffickers have achieved control over the top levels of government through bribery and intimidation. Brazil is another country where violent actions have played a part in the

corruption of their democracy. Legislator Edmundo Galdino, paralyzed from the waist down by a hired gunman, said, “…its’ easier, cheaper, and more certain of success to hire an assassin than a lawyer to sue someone in court.” His government commission recently concluded that contract killers have 99% impunity, only 1% are ever convicted, making it the safest job in Brazil. Brazil’s corruption dates back to its colonial days (1500-1822) when rich landowners developed a system of “exchange of favors.” Brazil has come to be called the capitalist version of Russia. After 11 years of democracy, Argentina is no longer in danger of a military takeover. Elected President Carlos Menem has tried to bring changes for the people, but has overlooked the fact that most of the

people are suffering from the terrible economic conditions. South America’s most recent “coup” was in Peru in 1992. President Alberto Fujimori fired congress and imposed martial law, “saying he could not tackle the country’s pressing economic problems and Maoist insurgency under the constraints of democracy.” Guerrillas that terrorize rural Peru have played a big part in hurting Peruvian democracy. Most recently, in Lima, terrorist captured the Chinese embassy. They were put down after an extended stand off in late April of 1997. For the first time ever, all twelve South American countries have democratic governments. South America, “a continent famous for coups and military dictators, has embraced civilian, democratic leadership.” South American democracy is very

fragile. As modernization, the exchange of ideas, and trade with other democracies begin to happen, “South Americans are hoping their democratic experiments will succeed.”