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Sharon because she was pregnant and wouldn?t tell him who the father was. Language: The English being used by the characters is mostly Irish dialect, which means that they pronounce ?jezus? like ?jayses?, and they use lots of insulting words. You could say they speak slang. Theme: In Barrytown excists a great sense of togetherness both within the family and in the local community, but sometimes things happens which can cause a divide. Sharon getting pregnant of a married man and not telling who he was, is an example of such an event. The book could also be entitled as: ?Nine months in the life of a family in a Dublin suburb?. Plot/outline: The Rabibitte family lives in Barrytown, a north-Dublin suburb. One day, after dinner, Sharon Rabbitte tells her parents that she is pregnant.

The father and Sharon are having a big row, because she refuses to tell who the father of the child is. Sharon goes to buy a book which describes the details of pregnancy. When she is in her 1 l th week signs start to show. The time has come to tell her friends, but she keeps postponing it, because she knew they would ask who the father is. Her friends are sympathetic and delighted for her. One night Bimbo, a pal of Jimmy sr, told him that he heard that George Burgess said that Sharon was a great little ride. Jimmy sr. was furious and wanted to crease him. When Jimmy sr. got home he warns Sharon for George. The next day Sharon goes to George and told him to stop or else she would tell his wife (they were both drunk and made a mistake). A few days later George has dissappeared,

because he has told his wife about Sharon. George his wife tells the community that Sharon has seduced her husband. Sharon decides to deny everything and makes up a story about a Spanish sailor for her friends. Jimmy sr. is mad and Sharon says she’s sorry and threatens to leave the house. Jimmy sr. begins to know more about the theoretical side of pregnancy than Sharon does, because he reads ?bukes?(books) about the subject. In the end of the book, Sharon gives birht to a baby girl. She calls her Georgina. My review: I read this book because I had seen a movie, called ?Bimbo?s burgers?. I liked it very much, and when I saw another movie was going to be broadcasted, performing the same actor as the father, and with the same background as the first, I wanted to see it. Well, this

is what happens when you plan on seeing a movie on tv: You miss it. Next day I reread the article about the movie and then I saw the script was originally a book. Of course I needed to read some books for my exams, so I decided to take this one. Later I found out I already had it in my possesion, in the appearance of a blackbird book. I liked the book (and the film Bimbo?s burgers, it?s quite similar) very much, because of a couple of reasons: First of all, I like the accent most of the people in the book use. The book becomes a lot nicer because of it (not really easy to read sometimes), the situation is much more relaxed than it would be with people with the Oxford accent. The second reason for me liking the book is the fact that the structure of the story is very simple, the

main idea of the book is not hidden under a complete layer structured story which often only make a book hard to read, it just shows clearly that life is hard but potentially nice to live. Overall valuation: 8