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The Smell Essay, Research Paper It was another one of those lonely Monday nights, Christina was home alone, baby-sitting her brother. Her parents left to a dinner, movies, and opera, weren’t they just a little to lucky. So she had to stay home, with her little brother. Yup, that was it, being home alone by herself was scary enough, but with her brother, it was a nightmare. It was 10:30PM, she was watching Melrose Place and her brother was upstairs, sleeping like an angel. “Well at least I have peace now.” she thought, boy would she be wrong. The night was like any other nights, late June, school out and no homework. It was hot and humid outside, a night for a thunderstorm. Christina had a weird feeling in her stomach, like when you think something is going to happen.

She just tried to forget about and continue to watch the TV. It was 11:30PM when she began to hear a noise, she ignored it at first but it became real to her that it was something, something that wanted her attention. Ignoring it didn’t really work, it came right out of the window to her back. It was a faint scratching noise, like when a tree branch scratches against a wall, or a mouse is trying scratch something. ON and on it went, a rhythm of some sort, following the same order over and over. “It’s just my imagination.” She thought, but it was real, too real. She couldn’t take it no more. She got up, walked over to window and looked out, nothing there. She came back to the couch, returning to Mad TV, the show on the TV. Relaxed a little she bagan to do fall asleep,

dozing off to the rhythm of the sound. “THE SOUND!!!” she screamed in her mind, it was back again, hypnotising her, “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO, WHAT IS THAT!!!” She got up, weird smell hit her nostrils, it was a scent of rotting bodies, like something was old and decomposing. Coughing she walked to the window, opened it and walked back. The smell making her nauseous, she ran into the toilet and began to vomit. “What is that smell?”, she asked herself. And that’s when she remembered it, the sound came from the window, and she opened it. ” Oh no, something maybe in the house” she said aloud, then as quietly as possible, she went back into the room. The smell now more intense almost knocked her out, but she held on gasping for air. She was at the couch now, coughing

and wheezing, the smell made her stomach even more sick. She saw lights in her eyes and then everything went black. The smell was the only thing on her mind when she woke up. She was on the kitchen table, laying face first. She tried to move but realized her hands were tied to the chair. She looked around, no one here. Then it came in, a body or something, it’s skin peeling off the sides of it’s face. The eyes were blank, nothing there just the place for them. It’s clothes ragged and covered in dirt, it’s skin greenish and the smell, oh the smell was the worst. “W-w-who-o-o are y-o-ou?” Asked Christina, looking at the thing with her terrified eyed, the thing looked like it came out of the grave. “DON’T WORRY,” It answered in a wheezing sort of a voice, like

there was no lungs from where it came from, ” YOU WILL BE FINSHED BY THE END OF THIS HOUR.” “What do u mean finished?” Christina asked, terrified. She knew what was about to happen, she would be killed, killed by this thing. Thinking fast she tried to untie the ropes, after a few tugs they came loose. Waiting for the right moment she caught a glimpse of the time 11:55PM, five minutes left. Then came the right moment, while the thing was looking around, Christina took the rope off, got out of the chair. Almost there, one or two steps, the a cold, slimy hand grasped her throat. “YOU ARE GOING WITH YOUR BROTHER!!” said the thing, taking Christina to a back room. There on the floor was her brother, laying like he was dead. She was thrown on the ground, beside her brother,