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The Sixth Sense Essay, Research Paper Marisa Pujals October 25, 2000 Mr. Byrne Movie Analysis The Sixth Sense The Sixth Sense is a movie that manages to be frightening, emotional, nerve-racking and genuine all at the same time. Movies like impact viewers since it appeals to every sense. Haley Joel Osment plays Cole, a disturbed boy seeking help for his disease, sets the plot of the movie. Bruce Willis, known as Dr. Crowe in the film, changes the course of the movie, tricking viewers and making it much more intriguing. At the beginning of the film, Dr. Crowe received recognition from the mayor for helping the children of the city in the psychiatric field. Celebrating in his home among his wife, a former patient of his, intrudes their home. At first, Dr. Crowe did not realize

who the intruder was until he said: ?You?ve failed me.? Suddenly he realized who the intruder was. This patient suffered because he was terrified alone. After knowing who he was, Dr. Crowe attempts to calm him down, but he was not able to, since the patient had turned around picking a gun up and shooting him. The film stops and starts by presenting us to Dr. Crowe six months later. He had a new eight years old patient who was haunted by someone or something he could not explained. Cole?s mom was very concerned about her son since he kept getting cuts and bruises in his back and wrists, but his mom was also oblivious about Cole?s condition. After having a few sessions Cole starts to feel more at ease with Dr. Crowe. As the film goes on, Cole manages to tell Dr. Crowe his secret.

Being in the hospital after an incident in a birthday party, Cole says to Dr. Crowe: ?I see dead people?they are everywhere,? he says, ??They only see what they want to see.? Now, Cr. Crowe is aware of Cole?s condition and he is not sure if what he Cole told him is true or just a lie. This cause a separation between Dr. Crowe and his patient, but reviewing a recorded session from the old patient that shot him, he realized that Cole was not lying. Dr. Crowe thinks that he is having problems with his wife. He claims that they were not communicating. When he goes to see Cole and tell him that he found a solution for his condition, Cole also tells him a solution for his. Cole tells Dr. Crowe to speak to his wife when she was asleep. Dr. Crowe convinced Cole into listening to what the

dead people had to say because he thought that all they wanted was help and by listening to them, they might go away. Cole gives this a try and he realized it was true, that they only wanted him to do something for them that they could not do when they died. Dr. Crowe speaks to his wife while she slept in the family room?s love chair. By the time he finished saying to her what he had to say, she said something that made Dr. Crowe realizes he was one of the dead people walking around. He starts to remember back the day he was shot and now he sees what he must see, not what he wants to see. This movie was a great experience for me. Its direction had almost no errors, the screenplay was well developed, its dialogue was penetrating and the actor?s performance was faultless. It is

what I call an infinite star movie. The scene that impressed me the most was the last one. It was a so unexpected ending that I could not believe what I saw. It would me insane not to watch this movie because it is so marvelous not even one person has disliked it, at least that I know. Ruptures are seen many times throughout the movie. At first, rupture is seen between Dr. Crowe and his wife when he is shot. Dr. Crowe healed this wound after talking to his wife in her sleep. At that moment he realized why there felt no love between them after the accident and realized what had happened to him. As the movie goes on, rupture takes place again as the viewer realizes that there is no communication between Cole and his mom. Cole mended this rupture by revealing to his mom what was