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The Sixth Sense Essay, Research Paper ? The Sixth Sense ? This past weekend , I went to see a movie at the near theater to my house . ? The Sixth Sense ? It is some kind of psychological movie that tell the story of a little boy name Cole Sear ,Who has some kind of Supernatural abilities to see and comuni- cate with the dead . And a child psychologist who was shot by a disturbed former patient who break into his house .The patient was treated by Dr Malcolm Crowe as a child but now wants revenge for not been cured . I think the story plot was good . In my opinion I believed that it was one of the best movie I have seen so far this year . I particularly love the acting of Young Osment ( Cole Sear ). He was brilliant , adorable beyond compare. I just wanted to give him a big hug

, and tell him that every- thing will be okay. Bruce Willis ( Dr Malcom Crowe ) did a very good job himself as a child psychologist who is still troubled with what happen a year go. The suspense was excellent too. What touched me the most was how much Cole Sear carried on himself. Coles problem is that he lives in constant fears of ghostly visit . He can see them ( dead people ) every where .They are walking among us . He can see them at the school . He tells his teacher ? they used to hang people here ? But the teacher does not believed him , so he goes on telling him that ? when you were a boy they called you Stuttering Stanley ? Another part of Cole?s fear is that he is unable to tell anyone about this secret because he is afraid that no one would believe him. And that?s where

his worried mothers steps in by contacting a child psychologist Dr. Malcolm to help after she last exhausted all possible avenues from the medical establishment . Dr Malcom Crowe is a child psychologist , who still carried after a year a ridden Guilt . He feels like a failure because a year ago he could not or was not able to saved one of his patient . I believed that when he found Cole it was some kind of way to make up for his failure . Malcolm is a sensitive man but troubled , who has to choose between helping the poor terrified little 8 years old Cole or working harder on his neglected marriage . Malcolm and Cole are helping Each other to resolve their problems . The suspense was incredible . No special effects and computerization that chill your bones?.I jumped once during

the film . That was when the little girl showed up in the tent that Cole made . When He turned around and saw her that is when I jumped , and everybody else in the theater did the same . It scared the s**t out of me , I thought something would be coming from the top and believed me it got my attention . It was one of the best movie I have seen this year .It kept me clung to the armrest .The ending of the movie is totally unexpected . My friend in Arizona saw the movie 2 weeks ago . I begged her to tell me about it but she would not tell me anything She said ? if I tell you , it would ruined it , you have to go see it .? So that is what I finally did . And I am glad that she did not tell me about the ending. I am not going to mention it now. I do not know if you saw the movie . If

you did not , it is a must see . My last thought of ?The Sixth Sense? is the movie is about communication . Every character seeks to reach a level of communication in order to deliver a message . ( Like the little girl who wants her dad to know that her step-mom was the one who killed her . ) she just wanted Cole to go at her house find the video tape that she made and give it to her dad . Now she was free to go in peace .Or when at the end of the movie Cole told Malcolm that he could talk to his wife while she was sleeping, she be listening to him .This last part of the movie just threw me of track for few minutes . The ending was powerful for me. I love this movie . I recommend it to all my friends . I discussed this movie for hours with my husband . It makes you think about