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wrong. Through her character immoral issues are addressed in an affective way. Lisa realizes that her family is participating in an illegal act just by watching the stolen cable. She sees visions of Hell, which drives her mad. Lisa pleads with her father to cut the cable line. She enables Homer to see the immorality of what he is doing. At the end of the show Lisa wins and her family will not be going to hell. This influences Simpson viewers across America to step outside of their actions and reevaluate what consciously is right from wrong. The Simpsons crosses that fine line between what is acceptable on television and what is not. Various Americans might view this in a negative way. But if looked at closely, what the show is actually attempting to do is positive. Through poking

fun at everyday life The Simpsons is able to reach all of the Americans who are illegally or immorally acting. Within the subconscious mind this cartoon is actually implanting a positive influence in a satirical format. Everyone loves The Simpsons; I’m glad I understand why. Now I can actually appreciate what the show is trying to accomplish. This cartoon is a brilliant way to surpass the censorship of television production companies. Television possesses a power to create an illusion of reality. This is why America is so addicted to television programming. The Simpsons through a cartoon like mask expose American society for what it has become. It emanates only the truth, but gently.