The Similarities And Differences Of Jonathan Edwards

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The Similarities And Differences Of Jonathan Edwards And Patrick Henry Essay, Research Paper The Similarities and Differences of Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henry convey theiThere were many similarities and differences between speech styles of the early 1700’s and the late 1700’s. Speakers were known to use persuasive techniques in these time periods to influence their audience’s opinions. Speakers were also using an oratory approach to their speeches. Two speakers of this time period were Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henry. The persuasive techniques of these speakers were different due to their topics, their purpose, and their messages being conveyed, yet they were similar due to their authority, their strong sense of emotion, and their belief in their subjects.

Jonathan Edward’s sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” was an example of a persuasive speech in which Edwards used scare tactics to persuade his audience. Jonathan Edwards’ purpose was simply to convey a message to the people of the church with intentions of changing their moral and religious views. Edwards often appealed to reason and logic and highly emotional “fire and brimstone” techniques to convey his point. Patrick Henry’s “Speech in the Virginia Convention” was a powerful argument for American Independence. This was an example of an oratory approach. Henry used political views to help in his persuasion. Unlike Jonathan Edwards, Henry did not use the approach of scare tactics, but rather the approach to reason and logic. Both of the renowned

speakers used strong feelings in their persuasive speeches. They also used Biblical illusions to strengthen their points. The two speakers both had to gain the attention of the audience. The speakers also gained their attention through the fact that they held high social and political level positions. Through these similarities, the speakers achieved their goals. In Jonathan Edward’s sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” and Patrick Henry’s “Speech in the Virginia Convention,” there were many similarities and differences. Their speeches were very persuasive and argumentative, and their strong appeal to logic and reason made it possible to successfully r messages.