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at Boston University. Bell won the friendship of Gardiner Green Hubbard, a Boston attorney at this time. Hubbard s daughter, Mabel, had been left deaf by scarlet fever when she was 4. Hubbard had Bell tutor her and in no time they were in love, although Mabel s first memories of Alexander were not all positive. I both did not, and did like him. He was so interesting that I was forced to like to listen to him, but he himself I disliked. He dressed carelessly and in a horrible, shiny [hat] expensive but fashionable and which made his jet-black hair look shiny. Altogether I did not think him exactly a gentleman (Winefield 17). Miss Hubbard became Bell s wife in 1877. Another friendship developed when Thomas Sanders, a successful merchant, brought his son to Bell as a private pupil.

Both Hubbard and Sanders learned in 1873 of electrical experiments Bell carried on at night and offered to pay the cost. Bell did not attempt to transmit speech electrically at this time. He tried instead to send several telegraph messages over a single wire at the same time. In 1874, while visiting his father in B