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they cut them off with the truck before the buffalo can make it to the swamp. Mrs. Macomber indicates that such a maneuver is illegal and asks ?Mr. Wilson what would happen if he were caught?? (24) Mr. Wilson replies the loss of his hunting license would be possible and Mr. Macomber states ?now she has something on you.? (24). The driver maneuvers the truck to cut the buffalo off and Mr. Wilson and Mccomber exit the truck with rifles raised in the firing stance. Macomber fires into a buffalo, reloads the rifle and fires again into the second buffalo. The third and last buffalo is attempting to escape as Macomber takes careful aim and shoots it also. At this time Mr. Wilson fires into the creature as it stumbles to the ground. Mr. Wilson turns to Mr. Macomber and states ?that does

it.? Mr. Macomber feels as if he is on fire with elation and relief. He knows he will never fear anything again and his wife will no longer have power, control and leverage over him. He is a new, free, complete, and secure man, finally in control of his own life. Margot completed one glance at her husband and she knew her control was gone as her eyes widened and her skin paled. Margot said ?you?ve gotten awfully brave awfully suddenly?, Macomber replied with a very natural hearty laugh ?you know I have, I really have?. “Isn?t it sort of late?” Margot said bitterly. (26) Mr. Wilson and Macomber exit the truck to track the last wounded buffalo on foot. As they approach some bush the buffalo charges with his head down straight at Macomber and Wilson. As the bull continues to

charge, Macomber fires at the creature and is uncertain where his bullets strike. Mr. Wilson also fires striking the bull between the ears. The buffalo continues his aggressive charge towards Mr. Macomber. As the gap becomes very short, Mrs. Macomber raises the rifle in the truck, fires, and strikes Mr. Macomber in the back of the head. Margot had realized that her husband had changed. She is no longer in charge. Francis no longer needs her. Margot is, in effect, expendable to Francis. Margot knew that she had been expendable for many years, but it had never been a great fear because she knew that Francis would never be able to replace her on his own. It had become clear to Margot that the relationship was over, or it was from her perspective and so was his life. The happiest

part of Francis Macombers life was indeed very short! After Margot fires the fatal shot, in response to the killing Mr. Wilson states, “That was a pretty thing to do, he would have left you too” (28). Wilson, who seems to be accurate in his assessment of the relationship throughout the story, seems a credible witness to the shooting and due to these facts, his opinion as to the motive seems credible as well. What is also notable after the shooting is the fact that Margot never denies that it was intentional. Also ironic is that Wilson has the most control in the end of the story. This can be seen in the last few lines when Margot literally has to beg him to stop tormenting her about killing Francis. When she finally says please, Wilson agrees to stop.