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character into a confident, sophisticated man who had a definite emotional side. Bertolucci s choice for Tunner, Campbell Scott, portrayed the character as he was shown in the book, with a mix of good looks and devious charm. Bertolucci s decision to use Paul Bowles as the narrator was an excellent choice which added much to the film and spared the viewer lengthy explanations. His shots of the Sahara portrayed the openness and vastness of the desert, but failed to show the harshness of the heat and dust which is central to the plot. The lighting and music made one feel the sense of mystery and uncertainty in this strange place. Bertolucci depicts Port and Kit s relationship as a strong one from the start, although each of them has had their unfaithful moments. He shows the bike

ride scene from the novel as part of the film, but not the as turning point it was in the book. Port s death scenes are very raw and emotional as shown by the dark lights and angles. One can truly feel the pain Kit is going through and sense her anguish. Bertolucci also causes the viewer to really share Kit s feelings of isolation and utter aloneness in the desert after Port s death. This sets the stage for her meeting Belqassim and the relationship they shared together. Bertolucci does not portray Belqassim and Kit s relationship exactly how it was in the book and it is sometimes hard to tell Kit s feelings for him. Bertolucci also leaves out an entire aspect of the story when he omits the attack on Kit by Belqassim s wives. Another important plot line that Bertolucci gave

insignificant time to was the Lyles story. These characters are greatly defined in the novel and lend an important plot twist. In the film, the story is not expanded enough and causes one to question why the Lyles are even included in the movie. Those who only watch the film do not gain a full sense of why Bowles included them in the novel. Bertolucci s film proved to the critics that the “impossible” could happen. He took a novel that supposedly could never be turned into a film and developed it into a very successful and satisfying movie. Though not everything in the movie perfectly correlated with the book, it did an excellent job of portraying the long, dramatic adventure of Port, Kit, and Tunner.