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There is no life for Magda because she died too early and I feel that the reasons behind Rosa’s action in this novel were unrealistic. Think about Stella and how she stole the Shawl and then she moves to New York to go on with her life and she writes Rosa a letter to try a convince Rosa to change her life. Why didn’t Rosa accept Stella’s idea? The narrator appears to self-deluded to be trusted only because they can change the attitude of Stella, but not Rosa. Rosa is the main character of the novel and I have yet to see her change throughout the entire novel. The reader can benefit from this only to say that there are people in this world who need help or are convinced that whatever they do in life will not help them bring back a loved one and that is not always the answer.

The point of the book is to look at life as a whole and learn to deal with obstacles that may come across one another each and everyday. The author tells us that people can learn to live with what they have or don’t have or change their lives to make It better for themselves. In my opinion, Stella changed her life completely and she did things that I feel she felt sorry for. She knew she had the Shawl and Rosa did not know it. To make things better for her, she returned the Shawl not only because she stole it, but also because it was the right thing to do after all these years. I totally agree with the author’s theme about this novel brings about truth and things people live with in our environment. It certainly makes a statement of someone being down and out. People today

struggle in their lives and strive to do better either for himself or for his family. Rosa lived a life she wanted to live because she wanted to. She had a chose to make and she has to learn to live with it. Life is all about choices and we have to learn to accept the choice we make and live with the outcome. Stella chose live a better life than Rosa, but Stella also tried to convince Rosa that life has to go on and she must accept Magda’s death and go on with her life. Rosa was still devastated by her daughter’s death and the destruction of her own store. Rosa has to get over that and live her life. I feel that if you experience anything in life whether it’s good or bad, try to learn from it and move on with your life to make better decisions.