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to be done, but she does only when there isn’t any other choice. It seems to me that she never gave anyone a chance to change her life around. She was always complaining about how life is and how bad she had it coming up as a kid. When someone comes into her life for relief and hope, she turned it down. The purpose of the minor characters is to represent attitudes. First, Stella realizes that she no one pays attention to her. She becomes jealous of her cousin. She steals the Shawl and Magda dies. Rosa, not knowing that Stella has the Shawl, is terrified of Magda’s death. Stella moves to New York and moves on with her life. Persky comes in the picture while Rosa is doing her laundry. As a matter, he was not there to do his laundry, only to read the newspaper. They converse for

a while and end up having tea before departing. They meet again at Rosa’s house for tea again, but Rosa’s sudden attitude for the Shawl lead Persky to leave and come back the next day. Then there is Magda. Her child of fifteen months struggling to hold on to her life dies. She was a good child. She was hungry and in desperate need of milk that dried up from Rosa’s breast. Her Shawl was stolen by her cousin and she was notice by the soldiers and thrown against the fence to be electrocuted. The attitude that Rosa had was an attitude against her and life. This historical contexts help provide us with the idea of a sudden change in our society. Being a Holocaust survival as were Rosa and Stella, they both went there separate ways. One moving to Miami and the other to New York

gives me the interpretation of the past and present. Being in a concentration camp only to read that Rosa came to Miami leads me the question of what happened before they moved to Miami. The novel has Stella and Rosa living in a normal society and we never know what they do for a living. It leads me to believe that the novel only expresses the concept of events and it does not fill you in on why. The ended of the novel left me unknown to how Rosa will end up as a woman. Will she continue to live a life of sorrow and hold on to the Shawl as a symbol of Magda? Or, will Rosa change her life and go out with Persky and live in a life of the present and not of the past? I do not think the same ideas would be expressed if it had a different setting. The settings of this novel say that

Rosa went from one way of living to another. How can one learn to adapt in such environments. This setting was in Miami. A place of high humidity and a great deal of sun that touchdown in Florida the majority of the year. If one were saying in Boston, then the setting would change. No more burning hands or fingers from the sun. No more lying on the beaches. Who is to say what month it is in this novel? Rosa was in Florida, but around what month and day? There is no season in this state except hurricane season. I believe Miami was a good setting for this novel because it brings out the point of the beaches where gays lye around surrounded by barbed wire and people drinking tea. The time, place and atmosphere does relate to the theme only because there were two different settings.

Stella being in New York and Rosa being in Miami brings about two different atmospheres. One being a cold place where Stella is more situated and stable in her life and she goes on to make something out of herself. On the other hand, we have Rosa, who lives in Miami. Humid places where we can walk on beaches and be free and see a great deal of different things. Yet and still Rosa seems to be confused and she cannot make up mind as to what she wants in life. The time seems to be a good time because there was a great deal going on in Rosa’s life with her daughter death and it seemed the right time that the novel place Rosa’s setting in Miami since Florida was considered to be a getaway place for retirees. This story is told from Rosa’s point of view. She starts off by feeling

sad for the death of her daughter and then moves to Florida only to have her lived as her own Warsaw as it was in the past. If it were told from my point of view, things would change because I would have had Rosa own up to her life and struggles she went through with Stella and the death of Magda. In my point of view, I would have Rosa accept the date from Persky and have her life change from being down and out to going out there into the world and having some fun. Magda would still be alive so she can see her daughter grow up and be someone and make her mom proud of her. Stella would be in New York on a temporary basis and then she moves to Florida to be with Magda and Rosa. I do not feel the narrator is reliable because there is a great deal of unfinished business left open.