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paintings that strongly resemble some of the ornamentation and animal shapes reflected in the outstanding bronze work of the period. ( The earliest bronzes of the Shang were very simple, but development is evident through ceremonial objects as well as a cooking and serving dishes and various utensils. There was a three-legged li for cooking, and into it could be fitted a bronze hsien, a dish with a pierced bottom to function as a steamer. Serving bowls were often stemmed, and pouring vessels had long spouts. Objects like this were often very highly decorated. Pottery objects were also very abundant. Shang potters would made fired clay sectional molds for casting bronzes. They also used clay molds to imprint decorations into clay vessels. Some of the pottery gives

evidence of possibly having been shaped on a potter’s wheel. Pottery included dishes and bowls in a white glaze for ceremonial and ritual use, as well as black pottery and a rich brown glaze for more casual purposes. Jade carving became quite advanced during the Shang dynasty. ceremonial weapons of jade were made, as well as jade fittings for actual weapons. Jade figurines included both human and animal shapes. Many of these have been found in tombs of the period. The culture of the Shang, as far as religion, were considered monotheists. Even though the Shang believed in many gods they worshiped Shang Ti, or Lord on High . Shang Ti was thought to be the supreme god who ruled over all the lesser gods, such as the sun, wind, and the moon. The Shang also believed that their

ancestors dwelled in the heavens after they passed on to their new life. The gods and the Shang ancestor were sacrificed to. However, we know little about the about their sacrifices. After a bloody war the Shang dynasty fell. During the fall of their Dynasty the Shang looked to the west for help from the Huns. After this battle the Shang dynasty was no longer in power. The Emperor at that time was Chou-sin. During the war Chou-sin tried to take refuge in his palace. When Chou-sin was finally killed, Wu- Wang took power. This is the turn when the Shang dynasty was through and the Chou dynasty was in charge. Works Cited 1. Bulliet, Richard W. The Earth and Its Peoples Global History. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000. 2. Wang, Zhongshu. Han civilization. New Haven : Yale

University Press, 1982. 3. 4. 5. 6.