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gloomiest trees of the forest,” it hardly makes for a friendly place (183, 186). That which is the most important aspect of the forest is where the witches meeting took place. There in the “deepest” part of the “heathen” wilderness where no “solitary Christian prayed,” did the ritual of deviltry take place (184, 188). Here young Brown beheld a glimpse into possibly Hell itself. There stood a crude rock “altar” surrounded by “blazing pines” (189). Everywhere was fire, flame, and symbols of the unholy. This is where the climax of the story takes place, and where young goodman Brown is changed forever. By using Halloween night, the home of the witch trials, having clouds appear where they simply should not, and a haunted forest with flaming altars; Nathaniel

Hawthorne creates a very rich setting. This setting greatly contributes to the whole of the story and serves to make it one of America’s better known short stories.