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believes that to be well liked is the means to being successful. Willy also struggles through confusion and contradicts himself, ?I?ll go to Hartford, I?m very well liked in Hartford, the trouble is, Linda, people don?t seem to take to me?(36). This shows how Willy has no self-image, and therefore cannot survive in the business world. His lack of grasping the obvious, is truly a downfall. One critic states, ?We do not learn about Loman?s dilemmas through Loman?s eyes, because we know more about his failures than he does?(Elsom 376). Clearly, Willy is foolish to not be able to decipher that he is a failure in the business world. Since Willy can?t earn a reasonable living to support his household, he relies on borrowing money from his neighbor, Charley. When Willie?s boss, Howard,

relieves Willy of his position, he is completely distraught and in disarray. Charley often offers Willy a job, however he is too senseless to ever except the offer. In fact, in reply to Charley?s offer, Willy responds that he already has a job, purely out of stubbornness and foolish pride. Willy?s American Dream was to become a successful businessman, this is never achieved, and as Jonathan Moniaci stated, ?Willy has lost at trying to live the American Dream?.? Biff and Happy are both aware that Willy?s dream was to become number one, and Biff spelled it out to his father that he should take that ?phony dream? and burn it. Willy?s failure and lack of reality were a major factor to his decline. Clearly, Willy?s destruction is due to his own doing. He failed to establish an honest

relationship with his wife. Willy brought his children up based on his crooked beliefs and his imaginative ?cookie cutter? world. Willy also failed to make anything of himself, achieve the American Dream, and face reality. All of the previously mentioned factors were in complete control of Willy throughout his life, however his foolish pride and stubbornness lead to the wrong choices, which ultimately lead to his downfall.