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exclusively in the company of men.” It seems if this is true than there would have been a larger number of homosexual relationships during the time “The Secret Sharer” was written. Kime Scott uses Eve Sedgwik’s Epistemology of the Closet to show proof of the eroticism that the sea produces. In Kime Scott’s article, she quotes parts from Sedgwik’s piece that talks about Billy Budd and Portrait of Dorian Gray. I am unfamiliar with the second work but I have read Billy Budd and I do not remember the eroticism that she is trying to prove in this story. She also is saying because Conrad’s name is on a list that is compiled by Sedgwik her statement holds some kind authority. The idea that by using Sedgwik’s piece as briefly as she did weakens her article to me. She is

depending on the reader of her article to accept the authority of another to prove her point. The proof that Leggett and the narrator are involved in some kind of homosexual relationship seems to lack the evidence that many of the critics say it holds. The critics above all hold the same opinions even though the where using different theories to interpret the work. I believe that they may have latched on to an idea that was proposed by someone else and ran with it. Not that they did not have original ideas but they all relied on other articles to prove their point or to justify their views.