The Second World War Essay Research Paper

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The Second World War Essay, Research Paper 1- The Axis The Second World War had three major axis powers. They were Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Axis were the countries that had expansionist plans. Only Japan was not a fascist regime in the Axis. Adolph Hitler, the German Nazi leader, was the one who called upon the creation of an Axis in 1936. Italy and Japan accepted Hitler s offer. Japan recognized the leadership of Germany and Italy in establishment of a new order in Europe. Furthermore, Germany and Italy respected Japan s leadership in East Asia. They also agreed that they would assist each other with political, economical and military means. The main cause of World War II goes back to World War I, where Germany was defeated and humiliated. World War I caused

unemployment and starvation in Germany. The surrender terms were harsh. They were forced to pay an enormous amount of money to the winning Nations, and to give up large part of its territory. Also they needed to limit there army to 100,000 men. Germany people were very angry with this terms. So the popularity of National Socialist German Workers, known as the Nazi party, began to grow. So in 1933 they took over the German government denying the surrender terms. They were lead by Adolph Hitler. He quickly began to eliminate opposition and people he didn t like such as the Jews and communist. He also began to raise a 500,000 men army. By the early 1939, Adolph Hitler invaded some European areas, such as Austria and Czechoslovakia. Germany was determined to invade Poland. France and

Britain were not worry until this point of the war, because they had the support of the Soviet Union. But Hitler, with a strategic move, made a deal with Soviet Union called the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact. It said that Germany and Soviet Union would divide Poland for both of them. Britain and France would not let Poland be attacked by the Germans, so when Hitler ordered the attack, France and Britain declared war on Germany. That was the beginning of the World War II. Since Germany had the most efficient army they conquered Poland with the help of the Soviet Union. Resulting in more problems with the allied nations, France and Britain. While this was going on, Japanese forces pushed down into northern China. They conquered two Chinese provinces rich in coal and iron. They

were successful against the Chinese communist party, People s Republic of China. After invading China, Japan conquered Taiwan and most of the Pacific Islands. Japan was ruled by a military dictatorship. Italy had been humiliated in World War I. Where they lost many battles and needed to be rescue by France and British forces. So the fascist party in Italy took over the government. They were lead by Benito Mussolini, who became Italy s prime minister. He was determined to make Italy a formidable and feared power. In 935, Italy invaded the African nation of Ethiopia. They also conquered Albania while Germany was invading Austria. The Axis were gaining more and more power but the Allies would gain a important member, the United States of America. 2-European Allies There were three

major European Allies; Soviet Union, France, and Britain. Britain and Soviet Union were the major forces. Since France was occupied by Germany after the invasion of Poland. But the Soviet Union had a Nonagression Pact with Germany which leaved Britain alone against the Axis during two years. When Germany invaded Poland it became clear that France would be conquered too, because of that the British government wanted to move their army out of the country before it was capture or wipe out. So the British army began to withdraw toward the northern coast of France, where warships and boats of all kind were waiting for them. They were in the port city of Dunkirk. For twelve days the soldiers waited to get their place in a boat and leave France, while German force slowly advanced to