The Search For Emmas Story Essay Research

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The Search For Emmas Story Essay, Research Paper The Search For Emma’s Story isn’t really a book; it is kind of a how to guide and a fable in one. In each chapter there is a section entitled ” Emma’s Story.” To me this is like reading a children’s book where the characters are just being given something to do and not having any real rhyme or reason. Also included in each chapter entitled “Portfolio of Evidence.” The portfolio of evidence is very different from any other book I’ve ever read because it goes through the whole thought process of how the author came up with the material she wrote about. The way that the book is put together is very simple. It’s surprising that more people don’t write books that contain facts and stories much the same way.

Think about how much more intriguing fictional mystery and detective novels would be if the author would have gone therough the extensive process that Martinello did in writing The Search For Emma’s Story. You would be able to follow the detective’s thought process from the first clue to the moment they capture the criminal. You would know all the questions and hunches that the detective was pondering throughout the whole novel. I thnk that such a writing style would also be beneficial to textbooks and assignments for students. Instead of just rambling off countless facts and trying to relate them together with no real clear background, writing a textbook in such a style as this a student would be able to see the entire thought process of something like Bernoulli’s

Principle in science or how the Pythagorean Theory works in math. This would enable the student to fully grip the concepts being taught and understand why something is the way it is. I completely understand how Mrs. Martinello could have just fallen into becoming curious with Emma from something as simple as a picture. Many people are intrigued by celebrities and others who are always in the public eye, but it’s hard for the average person to relate to that. For me relating to this book was easy because my great grand parents would have been facing the same types of problems and enjoying many of the same triumphs. My grandma tells me stories that her mom and dad passed on to her describing how life was in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. There are many differences

between Emma’s story and what I know of my great grandparent’s lives but most of them are due to the geographic location. By having the similarities between Emma’s life and my ancestors it made the book more appealing to me. It was easier to read because it was a little like researching my own family due to the similarities in the lifestyles, yet I was still learning about a totally different lifestyle.