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totally pre-determined and told of in many prophecies in the Old Testament. Prophecies that were all fulfilled.In the New Testament, which we live in today, God has a plan for each and every person walking this earth, Christians as Non-Christians. Does that mean that everyone live after that plan? Of course not. God has not only given us a plan or mission, but also a free will. God doesn’t want to intrude but wants us to seek Him so that He can reveal his plan for us. Then it’s up to each person to follow it. This free will is very easily influenced by sin. If I take Eve, eating the forbidden fruit in the Paradise, as an example. That wasn’t an act which was according to God’s will but an act of free will. S: Of course everyone free will … Can you prove “God’s

plan”? C: (To N) Come here and sit on this chair.CHAIR DIALOGUESee this man he sat down on this chair without consulting anyone. Why? Because he trusted the one who drawed the chair, the one who made the chair, the one who transported the chair and the one who placed the chair in this classroom. We all live on this earth by trusting eachother. We can’t go round checking everything up, and in the same way we have to trust what the Bible says, and in it, it says that God has a plan for every one of us.S: That argument is as ridiculous as your belief in good and evil. Hhhaaa…YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE. N: Yes but lack of evidence isn’t real evidence.S: Good and evil are only means created by society and ancient beliefs made to control people.N: feeling of good and evil. S: So you

mean that Hitler wasn’t evil himself? C: No man is born evil but as children of God and therefore they are good. But man’s free will is very easily influenced by evil, as with the example of Eve. However, the person herself is not evil, only her sins are. God has the power to rule out the free will and take over our life wether we want it or not, but as an act of love he wants us to choose Him on our own.N: I would rather say… S: Man is what you call evil, because ego he is born egoistic. You see; many years ago, when man was more animal than man, like the apes, we had to fight and be egoistic to survive, and that is still our withborn instinct today, but today, we are more intellectual developed so that we can, if we want to, be kind to other people. C: So you don’t

think that man should live with any morals at all? S: Morals is created by those who rule society, so that they can gain more control.N: not moral – but developing, not nice if not meant. C: Man is supposed to live according to God’s plan and Word. However, no one does that perfectly and there has only been one sinfree man walking this earth, Jesus Christ.We should treat eachother with love and humbleness and love our neighbor as ourselves. Just as he did. Matt 7:12 S: Jesus, and what happened to that guy. He lived as a nice person and gave his love to everyone. And then what? He is nailed to a tree. C: Yes, but after three days he returned from death to forgive all our sins and bear them on his shoulders. Rom 6:23 N: Right guys – all day. S: I still believe that when I

die, everything will be black. C: Turn out the light S: But I don’t know. N: Yeah… that’s one way to put it, but it’s not right.