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The Scientific Revolution Essay, Research Paper The Scientific Revolution: With the bringing of the Scientific Revolution came the Philosophers desire to know more about the world around them. As the search for knowledge grew many inventions and developments arose, such as the microscope and telescope. If it wasn?t for those two inventions we wouldn?t be able to see the world on the outside as well as on the inside; things that are imposable to see with the naked eye. This allowed them to make many studies about the planets and to see the stars that have Christian characterized figures made out of them. As the philosophers desire to know more so did the doctors. The knowledge at this time was that of Galen. Doctors such as Andreas Vesalius and William Henry were two such

doctors that desired to know more. Vesalius used Galen?s book and made dissections on people to learn more. If it weren?t for him there could have been many crucial mistakes. He found some of Galen?s predictions wrong, such as Galen said that the great blood vessels originated at the liver, but his own observations said that they came from the heart. Henry also studied Galen?s work and published a book. This book explained how the body?s blood passed from the arteries to the veins. By finding out these facts certainly helped out further studies. The Scientific Revolution also let the women become involved with society. Women were allowed to enter the scientific world, which use to not be possible. They fought for the traditional roles about women are put behind them. Women

thought that if men could grow in education, so could they. Descartes Theory of Rationalism was also an advantage to the world. He set aside all of his works and started over. Because of his theories Westerners were led to equate their identity with mind and reason. Because of this people began to look more into depth about things than ever. Also the spread of scientific knowledge was an advantage. Universities began to establish new chains, especially in medicine. With this came the explanation of science. Scientists were also using science to build bridges and all sorts of things to make life easier.