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man dwelled among the trees. Light is found when the impetuous Pearl chases after sunlight along the forest path, Hester streches out her hand to catch a ray. but the sunshine vanishes. The light found in the forest, represents the purity that Hester seeks. The movement of the light represents the denial of purity that Hester has faced. Hester s lack of surprise and quick retreat into the darkness shows that she never expects to be admitted into purity. These truths can only be revealed as one explores the setting of the heart, the forest. It is the forest that brings to life the unyielding village, yet the village that shows how savage the forest is by contrasting these settings. When discussing symbols, we must concur that they have their place in enhancing the themes. The

forest is considered by the Puritan people to be a source of sin, while the village is a reassuring place of morals. This book explores the sin and passion in life that stands toe to toe with the adversity of a religious society. Two people who are very spiritual find themselves overtaken by a sin of the flesh. Faced with the punishment, one open and one self inflicted, their shame placed on display in the village. In closing, the two settings of choice in Hawthorne s novels give way to keen development of the stories and a cornucopia of symbolism. The market place restrains a person, a vision planted in our minds with the use of Hawthorn s most prominent symbol and setting, the scaffold. The forest, another setting that clearly conveys an image, is used as a place of abundant

unrestraint where the reader can learn about the heart.