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The Scarlet Letter Essay, Research Paper SummAries Chapter 1: The Prison-Door: The first chapter in the Scarlet Letter the setting is Boston in the 17th century in front of the prison. The prison was plain colored and the surroundings were very ordinary except for the rosebush that is outside of the prison. All the Puritans dressed in drab, dull colored clothing. Chapter 2: The Market Place: Outside of the Prison the ugly puritan women discuss the adultery of Hester Prynne. Hester is the beautiful woman wearing a bright A on her bosom. She carries her baby (Pearl) in her arms. While standing on the scaffold she has flash backs of her old life, and the childhood school days, and her mother and father, also the ?scholar man?. Chapter 3: The Recognition: While standing upon the

Scaffold she recognizes a small disformed ?native? man in the background. While no one in the rest of the town knows him Hester is in shock that he is here. The man (Roger Chillingworth) asks why this woman is standing on the scaffold and what she did to get there. He learns of her crime (adultery) and her punishment to stand on the scaffold for three hours and to wear the letter A on her chest for the rest of her life. Chillingworth also learns that she will not name the father of her baby. His goal is to find out who the father is. Rev. Dimmesdale try to pry the fathers identity out of Hester. But he does not succeed. After a long sermon she is led back to the prison. Chapter 4: The Interview: Hester is in her prison cell and is very nervous. Pearl is having convulsions. Then,

Roger Chillingworth comes to Hesters cell. He gives Pearl medicine that makes her fall asleep. He then gives Hester a sedative to calm her nerves. Hester and Chillingworth have conversations over who is to blame for the affair. And we learn that he is Hester?s secret husband who had sent her to Boston before himself, she had taken him as dead at sea. Hester promises not to tell anyone who he is even if it ruins her soul. Chapter 5: Hester at Her Needle: Now Hester is allowed to go anywhere that she wants. But she chooses not to leave Boston because this is where she committed her crime and this is where she should have her punishment. So she decides to move to a small cottage on the outskirts of town. She gains money for herself and Pearl through her skill as a seamstress. The

townspeople like her clothing, and buy it for almost every occasion except for weddings (they fear she will inhabit their marriage with lies and deceit.) Even though her sewing is very popular she is still a social outcast if the town. She believes that her scarlet A allows her to sense sin and immoral feelings in the other towns people. Chapter 6: Pearl: Pearl is now 3 years old. Hester feels that her name is so ironic because she came of great price but is so wonderful. She is a beautiful young girl always dressed in beautiful colors and dresses. Hester is reminded of her own sin through Pearls love of mischief. The two are very close. On walks with Hester, Pearl throws stones at the other kids and yells at them. Instead of having imaginary friends she only has imaginary

enemies. Pearl is curious of where she comes from, but says she does not have a Heavenly Father. Chapter 7: The Governor?s Hall: Hester hears a rumor that the citizens of the village feel that Pearl should be taken away from her. So when she takes the gloves that she made for the governor she decides she will talk to him there about how Pearl can not be taken from her. Pearls dressed in a scarlet dress with gold thread (like the scarlet letter). On the walk there Pearl is made fun of by Puritan children and she yells at them and has a temper tantrum. Inside the Governors mansion there is a picture of Hester in which the scarlet letter and Pearl are distorted. It makes it seem as if the letter A covers up most of Hesters large body. Pearl screams because she wants a rose from the