The Scarlet Letter Chapts1012 Essay Research Paper

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The Scarlet Letter Chapts.10-12 Essay, Research Paper CHARACTERS ROGER CHILLINGWORTH – In chapters ten through twelve, Roger Chillingworth’s devilish ways and soul match his hideous and horrible physique. He projects his evil nature and is at his peak of revenge towards the reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. He satisfies his sinful yearnings to diminish Dimmesdale physically and emotionally by drowning him in his own sin. ARTHUR DIMMESDALE – It is obvious that reverend Arthur Dimmesdale begins to suffocate maintaining his secret sin. Besides him punishing himself and lingering on his impurities, Chillingworth helps a great deal in his ruination. At this point he even fails at convincing himself that it was not wrong for him not confessing his sin. He struggles with

Chillingworth continuously making him feel guiltier than he acknowledges himself, with Hester taking full responsibility for adultery and with the fact that he is imperfect and battles to continue to serve God. He found himself emotionally and physically weak, making him an easier target to hurt. HESTER PRYNNE – In these chapters Hester does not appear often, yet when she does, it is a standing point in the novel. Hester joins Dimmesdale on the scaffold in the night, a place to where she is no stranger. Making this the first time they stand on it together. Dimmesdale asks to know Chillingworth’s true identity, to which she stays quiet to upon his request. Here she does not betray Chillingworth’s trust or her the value of her word. Hester is deeply acknowledged by Dimmesdale

for her taking the responsibility and repercussions of their sin. PEARL – Pearl’s abnormal nature is vividly projected throughout the course of these chapters (i.e. she prances around the graves, as witnessed by Chillingworth and Dimmesdale). When Dimmesdale, Hester, and Pearl stand upon the scaffold, she is the link between Hester and Dimmesdale, holding their hands in unity. She is the living manifestation of their unruly sin. Pearl’s inquisitive disposition attacks Dimmesdale when she longs to learn if he is going to stand with her and mother in the scaffold on the following day. When he subtly answers her question with a no, she pulls away, symbolically breaking the link between her father and her mother.