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put his foot in the Ohio River. What was the point of that. Mr. Quayle said this after touring the area, ? Just walking through here and seeing the loss of property, knowing the loss of life, it hits you right here in the heart, and that is the reason I?m here.? Many people and companies and the Government helped the damaged city. They helped my donating food, supplies, the government signed a $3.45 billion earthquake relief package for California, railroad companies helped transport needed materials for repairing the freeways, people donated their time, construction companies helped rebuild buildings, companies all over the country donated the needed materials to rebuild the cities, and other countries donated doctors, geologists, and supplies. I got all my information from the

Internet and the packet that the school got off the Internet. I didn?t write down the web page addresses, but I do have the names of some of the pages.. KRON Online television ?Quake of ?89? WWW Hot Topic: 5 years Ago: Loma Prieta Earthquake The Great Loma Prieta Earthquake Earthquakes: Eyewitness accounts Seismological Society of America USGS United States Geological Survey EQE ABAG Those are the names and abbreviations of the sites and companies that I received information from. FACTS PAGE Facts about the Loma Prieta Earthquake Date of Quake: October 17, 1989 Time: 5:04pm Magnitude: 7.1 Deaths: 68 Injuries: 3,757 Homes Damaged: 23,408 Homes Destroyed: 1,018 Businesses Damaged: 3,530 Business Destroyed: 366 Estimated Dollar Loss: $6 billion

to $7 billion Aftershocks: More than 7,000