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Curtis, Aaron Q & A; Road to Secession Long and Full of Turns. Los Angeles Times 21 May 1996, valley ed., sec. A: A1+. Gotch, Mike What is LAFCO CALAFCO (17 Nov. 1998) Map Showing the Boundaries of the Affected Territory. Map. Valley VOTE, 1998 Hill-Holtzman, Nancy Governor Signs Secession Bill. Los Angeles Times 13 Oct. 1997, valley ed., sec. A: 1+ How Big is L.A.? Diagram. Valley VOTE, 1998 Husock, Howard Lets Break Up the Big Cities. City Journal﷓ (13 Nov. 1998) McGreevy, Patrick Riordan May Reap Gains by Backing Study Los Angeles Times 1 May. 1999, valley ed., sec A: 1+ Scott, Bob Secession is the City s Only Hope. Los Angeles Times 11 Nov. 1998, home ed., sec. B: 7+ Willon, Phil. Valley

Secession Effort s Roots Go Back to the 70 s. Los Angeles Times 16 Aug. 1998, valley ed., sec. A: 1+ - – -. Chick Seeks Council s OK to Lengthen Petition Drive Los Angeles Times 1 Aug. 1998, valley ed., sec. B: 1+