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The Sacrifice Essay, Research Paper Aspects of Killing in The Sacrifice To kill does not only mean to take ones life, but instead it also carries the meaning of ending an important factor in ones life. Killing also has a lot of other meanings, but the main factor of killing leads to death there are many more the author Adele Wiseman displays the many different aspects to kill in the novel The Sacrifice, by dealing with a lot of situations that would kill an individuals heart. (I.e. Loss of a loved one, etc.) The ways to kill an individual portrayed in the novel are removal from religious beliefs, Racism to the two brothers, and the death of Laiah. Two of these points deal with death itself, but the other results in the killing of the families beliefs and way of living. The

family way forced to give up their religious beliefs and convert to another faith. This had a strong effect on how the family was to function, because they already had rules, regulations, and guidelines to follow that dealt with the religion they were with. When they were forced to change, everything was forced to change with it, like what they ate, what they did, how they acted, etc. This played a big role in the killing of the family, because what it eventually did was break up the family so that it was sort of dysfunctional. The family suffered severely from the change in religion. Racism, another important factor in the novel, which lead to the actual aspect of death. This was portrayed at the start of the novel when it talks about how Abraham s two sons got hung in the Town

Square for the same fact of being a different race/religion. This was hard for that family to deal with and for a long while it was also killing the family members inside to know that they had loss loved ones. Especially Abraham whom loss his two first sons whom where supposed to be very gifted. At one point Abraham even wanted to take is own life, because he was suffering too much. The Aspect of racism in turn was used in two was to portray the many aspects of killing one. Lastly the death of Laiah, this last point distinctively portrays to the reader the actually definition of killing. Which is to take the life of an individual. That is exactly what Abraham does, he literally butchers the girl. This is done in a way unlike the rest because the Author wants to show the reader

that to all the many ways to kill an individual you cannot leave out the main factor of the actually deed of death, which was granted upon Laiah. The main aspects of killing changing belief in something, racism, and murder are the most important factors. Although throughout the novel there are main more different ways, but those three are very important because in one way or another they all link up to form the conclusion that the family had a lot to deal with. The kind of life they lived would have made a lot of people end up like them and either kill something/someone, or be killed in any means necessarily. The fact still remains that in the novel the author Adele Wiseman did a good job in portraying the many aspects of killing.