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to organise a second revolution. In October the second revolution worked. Lenin came back from Finland and organised, with Trotsky, the new plan to take control. Trotsky organised a small army and stormed the Winter Palace, home to the weakening Kerensky goverment. The Bolsheviks then captured Moscow and were in basic control of Russia. Although Lenin had control he wasn’t completely supported by the people of Russia. To gain support Lenin made a secret police force, which was in charge of erasing any opposition to the party. The Bolsheviks were also renamed the Communists. Freedom of press was cancelled, unless you supported the Communist cause. The government took control of all ways of life. Lenin also made peace with the germans as he knew if war continued, the revolution

wouldn’t fully work. Although some were angery with the losses Russia had in the treaty, the Bolsheviks were in control, though it was not a steady form of control. There was still widespread opposition and soon a civil war broke out. Straight after the Treaty of brest-Litovsk was signed, a civil war broke out. This war was between the communists ( Reds ) and the anti-communists ( Whites ). This war lasted for 3 years from 1918 – 1921. At first the Reds had little land and were close to being demolished by the Whites. But as a result of Trotsky’s excellent leadership the communists, by 1921, ran most of the country. As a result of oppositional weakness, presise leadership and planning Lenin and trotsky were able to have the revolution they had waited for for so long. Russia

was now a communist state under the contol of Lenin. This communist rule would last until the early nighnties. It was one of the most, if not the most, important events that shaped Russia’s and the U.S.S.R.’s history.