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will be bumped from the jury. ??Look, Herrera, number seven, is really getting on Nick?s nerves. I think we will lose him today.?? Fitch immediately intimidated everyone he made contact with but Marlee manages to look him in the eye without blinking and ask straight up for 10 million in return for his verdict. This shows that she is very strong and will not falter in dropping Fitch in the deep end. The small pieces of stock information which had been laced through the book finally leads somewhere more understandable as Marlee sells ?fifty thousand shares of Pynex at seventy-nine. Hopefully she would buy it back in the very near future at a much lower price.? This shows us that Marlee may not have been true to her word with Fitch as the only way stock would go down significantly

in this scenario would be the loss of the trial. This is proven in Easter?s speech to the jury about his vote: ??I?m convinced cigarettes are dangerous and deadly; they kill four hundred thousand people a year?? He then goes on to vote for the plaintiff. This twist in plot was intentional from the start by Marlee, as her parents died of lung cancer and she wanted revenge. In ?The Runaway Jury?, John Grisham successfully creates the environment of the courtroom and the hectic life of lawyers but unusually he places the focus in the jury. If you were a lawyer working a big case and someone like Marlee came to you she would be like an angel sent from heaven, I found her too good to be true. I doubt that you would be able to control the way a jury votes through one member of the

panel and an outside person. You?d think that Grisham would run out of ideas after writing so many law thrillers but apparently not. It is an extreme but I think he?s made it work.