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the events which took place near Roswell were returned with a reply stating that no records exist of the alleged incident. Many requests were made for information concerning the events which took place by a group of individuals who went on to write a newsletter called the Roswell Reporter. Project Bluebook, a government project which contained all UFO reports of that period, contained no records of this incident, despite the fact Street 3 that it is the most talked about UFO occurrence in history (Roswell Reporter pg. 2). This project became declassified and all records were released to the public (pg. 3). The Roswell incident was not listed in any of them. There is obviously some reason the government does not want the public to know the details of the crash. (Roswell: What are

We Talking About? pg. 1) UFO skeptics have alternate theories as to what the crash actually was. One theory is that these objects we see are actually balls of gas or plasma caused by tectonic movement within the earth. This would still not explain the bodies seen by the eyewitnesses. Another theory is that these aliens do not come from another planet at all. These beings could be from the future or even another dimension. All of these theories may sound far-fetched, but we have no way of disproving them. Even the ancient Indians documented flying objects in scrolls (Ancient Indian Flying Devices pg. 1). They claimed to have built objects for planetary flight and operated them with the ego and soul (pg. 2). These stories were never proven or disproven but the fact remains that the

history of flying disks dates back long before the age of modern man (Childress pg. 1). Childress states that not only was there documentation found on these ships, but also stories of interplanetary travel (pg. 3). The government has kept the information about the crash at Roswell, New Mexico a secret. If so many people witnessed this crash from so far away, it would be hard to imagine that the object is a weather balloon. It could have been a secret government experiment gone bad or even a craft from another world. In any case, the public has the right to know the truth. The proof of other intelligent life forms existing in the universe would be a great step in human knowledge. The secrecy surrounding the entire incident makes it seem as if the government has already learned

from these beings. Some UFO enthusiasts also believe that the government gets information on new technology from the extraterrestrials. The massive increase in technology in the 1950’s and ’60’s supports this concept. New military aircrafts have shown signs of advanced technology and aerodynamics. The stealth bomber is a good example of this new technology. The controversy about aliens and the incident at Roswell, New Mexico will most likely Street 4 continue until either aliens make contact with humans publically or until the government admits to the cover-ups in Roswell and other UFO sightings. This crash was a very important historical event in the eyes of many, and the government has done a good job of keeping the details of the event a secret. No matter what the object

was, it certainly opened the eyes of the public. The people involved in the incident and those who witnessed it are the only ones who know for sure what really happened on that memorable evening. They have been silenced by the government, and may never speak of the events that occurred that night. They are the few who have seen exactly what is out there. The rest may never know. Who can the american people trust? If their own government keeps one of the most important events in human history a secret, there is no telling what else they know. It is right of the public to know what is history and what is a misguided weather balloon.