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friends and after a few weeks of teaching me on the stage, I began to go to her house for lessons. This woman was amazing; I loved her. She encouraged me to join a program that she ran called Music Makers. This group played for dinner parties, museum openings, weddings, and many other events. I even recall hearing that they played for the president. Lessons with Bonnie continued for two years; unfortunately, she moved to Texas so I was only able to see her when she came for visits about every year. My mother then decided that taking lessons at the Conservatory of Music was best. I was a stubborn child, but quite talented when it came to the violin; however, the only way I would practice was if my mom forced me to. As a result of all the grief my mother went through to get me to

practice, I did win a scholarship through the Conservatory. Although the Conservatory might sound grand, my teacher wasn’t very good and she and I didn’t get along very well. My family went back to the drawing board. We eventually found out about a woman named Laurie Asch; she taught a friend of mine from Music Makers. Before I was able to take lessons from her, she had me audition. By this time, I was probably ten and a half years old; my four and a half years of violin had paid off. I was the head of the elementary school orchestra, when I was in fourth grade, Mr. Brodie, the music director, allowed me to play with the fifth grade orchestra. Although studying with Laurie was a good experience, we did not get along well either. We were too stubborn for each other. I was at

the point in my life where I would much rather listen to an alternative CD, than a classical composition. I really just had no interest in such deep and dramatic music. My skills did improve drastically though; the turning point in my musical career so far was playing Czardas for a recital: (This is a Hungarian piece with faced paced rhythms and contrasting adagios.) Laurie’s husband played for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and he had been eyeing me all along. By the time my skill level was proficient enough to play Czardas, he asked his wife if he could teach me instead. I have been taking lessons from Glenn ever since that day. My opinions about music in the past three years have changed so drastically that I don’t even recall why I disliked classical music before. Now

I am at the point in my playing that I experience happiness when the piece is Allegro, and experience sadness during a great adagio; however, I feel that learning to play romantic era music has sparked the biggest change I have gone through yet as a musician. Hearing the deep mellow voice of the violin sooths me even more than taking a two-hour nap. I love playing more than anything imaginable. Now, at fifteen years old, I really believe I do feel how composers of the romantic period felt when they became overwhelmed with music.After studying two well-known composers, I feel that if I were to play a piece by them, I would incorporate more feeling than ever before. When playing Haydn, I would think about living in a hut for six years of my life, then cleaning plates and barely

getting fed while trying to earn an education. (Hollis 1, 3) The overall interpretation and feeling that would be expressed through my playing would change. Not only would I look at a piece by Schubert and think of a short melody, I would feel anxiety, rejection, and frustration. All of these thoughts would bring on more expressive playing and strong legato bowing. Before I studied a musician’s life, I thought of music as just notes; however, after reading books and Internet pages about musicians, a feeling of understanding began to develop. After hours of reading, I have discovered what major event has encouraged a person to pursue music: Enlightenment. (This word can probably be best described as being totally mesmerized by the desire to compose.) Every single composer has

experienced something similar. One day, while playing, each of them realized how much they really loved the art. The mystery and romance of a certain type of music captivated every one of them. What I want to be understood is that music cannot be interpreted as just notes and rhythm, it is truly a reflection of a person’s character.