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settlement housing and many other causes. African American leaders understood the uses of voting potential. African American women and white women had enough common interests to make these associations profitable for both. Together they achieved goals and learned political skills, and both groups benefited from working together. Although it may have seemed that these groups were working to end racial barriers, very few white women were working toward that goal. The white suffragists had no commitment to the black women, the suffragist goals were specific to the politics of the movement, and they sought to use African American voters for their own needs. Many women insisted that their first task was to register women to vote. Many of the things the African American women were

promised to get help from the white women suffragists were achieved. Black nurses were hired in the city hospital for the first time, to care for black patients. Being a probation officer was a job that African Americans wanted and they were granted that. African Americans could now have black representation on a motion picture censorship board. The state of Tennessee opened up a vocational school for colored girls. These along with other things were made possible by women having a chance to vote on issues that matter to them and from working with the other suffragists. For African American women the alliance produced gains and demonstrated the importance of organization within the African American community. The alliance with Nashville white suffragists was for black women one

way of achieving goals. Whatever the motivation of white suffragists, the African Americans were very clear about their reasons for joining in the alliance. They wanted to make a difference, and they knew through cooperation, they could receive benefits. 358