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This is very effective, because currently people are desensitized by modern media. Atwood just provides that much more material to be shocked by. Atwood also does an excellent job of creating atmosphere in The Robber Bride. She describes the setting, in this case Toronto, to such an extent that this novel could almost be used as a history textbook. She even goes as far as to name stores along the street and describe their d cor. This gives you an excellent visual picture of what is happening in the story. In some parts, Atwood even talks about the recession that was going on in the early nineties, which gives you some insight into people s attitudes at the time. For example Resonance, the store Charis works at, is being turned into a discount store called Scrimpers. In the end,

The Robber Bride delivers a strong message about the relationships between modern-day women. Atwood seems to be telling us that there is a great deal of competition in a woman s world but there is also a lot of comfort and friendship. I am unsure as to how my male friends would interpret this book, but I feel certain women would easily relate to it. 328