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Later” became very popular. Department stores saw an increase in sales of the radio in the Twenties. The value of radio sales in the United States jumped from $60 million in 1922 to $850 million in 1929, (Time-Life 101). The radio revolutionized the nations economy by giving new ways of advertising products, rather then newspapers and magazines. Department stores profited by the radio through commercials which persuaded listeners to spend a larger portion of their income on their products. The Twenties began as an era were Americans were feeling good. They had forgotten about the troubles of Europeans and began to better their lifestyles. Americans were finding new ways to earn a better living through an overall period of booming business and higher wages for workers. Many

Americans began investing in the stock exchange in the hope of having a prosperous return, while others chose to make their fortune in such illegal activities as bootlegging. As fortunes were earned, and fortunes were lost the reality of the American Dream was sinking in. The dream of coming to the country and making it big came true for some Americans, but to others, it was not as sweet. Many lost all they had while trying to make it. People came to the United States having the idea that no matter what happened, they were going to make it. There dreams were however short-lived as the so called American Dream surrounded them and sucked them into the dark side of reality. Those who were not perceptive enough to see that business was risky, failed. In this era, Americans soon

learned that the American Dream was not all it was cracked up to be. The Twenties showed a revolution in art, literature and music, which greatly reflected the nations changing values. Americans found new ways to entertain themselves, enjoying new dances such as the Charleston, popular for the time, and watching such sporting events as baseball, and boxing. Famous people emerged in the Twenties leaving their mark on history, just as new inventions were created revolutionizing even the simplest of activities for years to come. The Twenties were a fabulous decade outlined by a booming economy, and big business finding new ways to become bigger. New stores were popping up all over the nation and stores that were already around, grew into chains which stretched the length of the

United States. All of these outstanding events, people, inventions, and happenings occurred only to be overshadowed by the Stock Market Crash in 1929. The Crash was the worst in the countries history and blanketed its negative effects over the positive happenings of the previous decade. The Crash, which carried the Great Depression into the 1930’s was a nightmarish end to a fairytale era of prosperity and happiness. Many Americans had the privilege to be part of this period, a period known as The Roaring Twenties. 32f