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Hundreds more were w The trial was a “political circus”. Hitler was allowed to speak for hours at a time. During one of his speeches he said, “It is the External Court of History ? That court will judge us ? as Germans who wanted the best for their people and their fatherla Hitler served only nine months of his five-year sentence. The guards gave him a suite of several adjoining rooms where guests could come or go as they pleased. He was sent many gifts and grew visibly fatter. He wrote a book called Mein Kampf, or My Str The government banned the Nazi party after the revolt. There were also many reasons for lack of Nazi activity. The Allies had loosened their grip on the German economy. The French had left the Ruhr leaving Germany?s industries intact, and the United St The

depression in America caused the economic system in Germany to plummet. Because of the harsh times, Nazis got two million more votes then the Communist party. The election put them just under the Democratic party and gave them 107 more seats in the House. Hitler was planning on running for President of Germany against Paul Von Hinderburg, a social democrat. Hitler campaigned frequently, going to every major city and town. He was the f By 1932 the SA troops numbered 400,000. The SA?s goal was to make people afraid, and they accomplished that with ease. One of the most popular chants of the SA troops is as follows: “Sharpen the knives on the sidewalk so that they can cut the enemy?s bo In the election of 1932, Hitler could not beat out the eighty-five year old President

Hindenburg. However, 230 Nazi candidates held seats, and Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany. It was the second highest position in the German government. With only Hitler still was not elected to the Presidency. Using force, Hitler got Hinderburg to pass a law that abolished freedom of speech, of the press, and of assembly. Hitler then brought before the court the Enabling Act. This law gave Hitler the power of a After the bills were passed, the German military feared that when Hitler took full leadership of the country, they would lose control, and the SA would take over. Hitler assured the military that this was not true. To gain their trust, he gave them a li In August of 1934 President Hindenburg died. Hitler?s last obstacle in his quest for complete power was removed.

Using his unlimited powers, he combined the offices of president and chancellor. To everyone in Germany he was now Der Fuhrer, the leader. Avoiding capture by the approaching forces, Hitler shot himself on April 30, 1945. The world was never the same again. Hitler?s Reich was over, and millions of jews were dead. Quite rightly, the world asked questions: How could this have happened? Tru