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will be homosexual also. It is shown that there is no impact on the sexual preference of a child by a homosexual couple than a heterosexual couple. Though there is some evidence that children of gays and lesbians are more tolerant of diversity than heterosexual offspring. That is definitely not a disadvantage though. People often think that if a child is adopted by a gay couple he or she is more likely to be subjected to harassment and rejection by their peers. Children are made fun of for all sorts of reasons such as being too short or tall, too fat or skinny, or because they speak a different language. So, it is more likely for the child to be resilient if he or she has a stable and loving environment. Children in foster care often face abuse from their peers for being

parentless. These children often keep the abuse inside them and feel unwanted. It is unfortunate for them that they do not have a family to get them through this rough time. By letting homosexuals adopt there are more people to want these children. The number one thought that goes through a person?s head when they think of homosexual adoption is that they will be molested. There is no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. If a person is homosexual or heterosexual it is an attraction adults not adult to child like pedophilia. In one study of two hundred and sixty-nine cases of child abuse only two were homosexual. This proves that there are no bad intentions for gays wanting to adopt children. Now, about twenty-two states have made it legal for same sex couples to adopt

children through state run or private adoption agencies. ?ALCU estimates that 6-14 million children live with at least one gay parent? (782). ?Florida has one of the only anti-gay adoption law in the country, passed more than two decades ago? (CNN, 26). ?The American Civil Liberties Union filed a class action suit against the state of Florida in an attempt to overturn its ban on homosexuals becoming adoptive parents? (26). Steve Lofton and Roger Croteau have taken care of three foster children since infancy. They want to adopt but the state of Florida will not let them because they are gay men. These three children were born with the HIV virus. ?I?m entitled to all the chores of parenthood but have no other privileges legally,? Lofton said (26). It is unfair for these two men to

love and provide for these children and not make them their own. ALCU?s complaint in Florida is the law ignores the best interest of the children by excluding an entire class of qualified adults from adopting. ?They claim that the state?s adoption policy violates the children?s and adult?s constitutional rights to protection, privacy, intimate association and family integrity? (CQ researcher, 782) ?In 1977 New Jersey became the first state to permit adoptions by homosexuals and unmarried couples under state law? (782). ?The state agreed to change its policy to settle more than two hundred cases of gay couples charging the New Jersey rule of barring adoption by gay couples as a violation of both state law and their right to equal protection? (782). ?The case arose when two gay men

from Maywood applied to jointly adopt their 2-year-old son, who they cared for since he was 3 months old? ?His mother was a drug addicted woman with AIDS virus? (CNN, 17) It was said that they could not adopt him together but separately. Though a judge overruled this decision in October. This agreement settled a related class-action suit brought by two hundred homosexual couples. ?This is a victory about goodness and quality,? Holden said (17). In San Francisco gay activists are angered by the proposal by Governor Pete Wilson to restrict adoption by homosexual couples to those who are legally married. ?These regulations will not effect in any way the ability of single people, regardless of their sexual orientation, to adopt,? ?It will only effect the ability of committed lesbian

and gay couples to adopt said Kate Kendell.? ? The governor believes its in the best interest of the child to have a mother and a father in the household,? a spokesman for Wilson told CNN (CNN, 02). In California there are about 17,000 foster children that need homes. If they change the rule there will be less homes for these children. In conclusion homosexual adoptions should be legal because they can provide a stable home for unfortunate children. Though they are not going to have what society sees as a ?traditional? family, they will still be able to provide love and attention. Homosexuals are people too and they want to enjoy life like everyone else. They want to have families and live happy lives, why should they be denied that. Homosexuals will give homes to children that