The Right For Homosexuals To Adopt Essay

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The Right For Homosexuals To Adopt Essay, Research Paper The Right for Homosexual to Adopt Usually a person?s beliefs come from what kind of upbringing they have had. And in the case of whether or not it is right for homosexuals to adopt comes those beliefs. Most think it is totally immoral for a homosexual person to adopt because it is not the ?traditional? family. ?The ?traditional? family refers to the idea of a husband, a wife, and their dependent children, whose relationships are traditionally recognized by law? (CQ researcher, 782). ?Today, fewer and fewer American households are traditionally recognized by American Family Law because society has brought on so many different changes? (782). For instances, more households have unmarried parents or single parents raising

children. Though same-sex couples are extremely nontraditional they still can provide a normal family life. They have many of the same values and functions as a traditional family such as support, loyalty, values, love, and affection. Therefore these couples can provide a stable home for children who would otherwise not have one. If these couples are helping children have homes why should we care if they are same sex couples or not. Homosexuals should have the right to adopt children and provide a loving and safe home for children. The reason that most people do not agree with homosexual adoptions is that they are sacred. They are sacred that because a child is brought up by openly gay parents that the child will be gay. Most people do not want to understand that just because

someone is gay does not mean they cannot love and care for a child. They did not choose this lifestyle they were born with it. A gay person wants to live a normal life just like the next person but they have it a lot harder. If they would like to adopt children and give them a good home why should someone tell them they cannot. Is it not about the children and finding loving homes for them? If a gay couple can provide all the things a traditional family has then why can?t they adopt. ?The majority of organizations representing adoption agencies or adoptive families support adoptions by homosexuals? (CQ researcher, 173). If the adoption agencies support gay couples why shouldn?t the states. Many children benefit from placement with homosexual couples, particularly foster children

from abused or neglected backgrounds or different race and ethnicities. ?People of different sexual orientation are so familiar with bias they make very good parents for children who are different or victimized by bias and prejudice? says Deb Tarden former program service manager for adoptive families (173). This shows that the gay parents can relate to a child and support them through there rough times. They have gone through similar hardships and can also be a role model to a child. People often believe many myths about gay parents that are very far from the truth. People think that the only acceptable home for a child is one with a mother and father who are married to each other. This is untrue because children without homes do not have the option of choosing between a married

mother and father or any other types of parents. There are not enough married couples willing to adopt or have foster children, so we need to realize this or these children will never get a stable and loving homes. It is often thought that children need a mother and a father to have proper male and female role models. This is very untrue because children without homes do not have a mother or father as a role model to begin with. So if they had a home they could find a role model in a grandparent, aunt or uncle, teacher, friend, or neighbor. It is also said that gays and lesbians do not have stable relationships and do not know how to be good parents. Like any relationship there will be ups and downs and that is expected. A big misconception is that a child raised by homosexuals