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begged for the vote tocombat the enemy just as they are called to do in the field. blacks wanted to vote, whether theywere in the Union or the confederacy. Eventually under Southern Reconstruction, blacks weregiven the right to vote under a Constitutional Amendment, and the union, which early claimedthat the federal government had no right to force states to allow blacks the vote, forced states toallow blacks to vote through undesirable Northern watchdogs and re-established,northern/Unionist-controlled local governments. the vote may have been in place, however,white Southerners still controlled the vote through persuasive methods. through discriminatingand oppressive black codes and Jim Crow Laws, blacks were still oppressed in the South. violence, such as that produced by the

KKK made freedom worse than slavery for manynewly-freed blacks. Civil; Rights for blacks was another factor which helped bring about the revolutionary Civil Warand Southern Reconstruction period. Changing federal goals in this area also helped confusethe American public. Throughout American history prior to this time, blacks were not viewedas equal to whites (an example is the 3/5 Compromise). Slavery was definitely thought of assomething to be destroyed at the beginning of this time period, but civil rights was anothermatter. Later during Southern Reconstruction, civil rights became a goal of the unionists,through such laws and the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Civilization was to be equal, according toUnionist beliefs. Southern people did not want civil rights at any time during

this time period. Black voters were intimidated by whites. literacy tests were created, which were unequal, toprevent blacks from being registered. Black Codes and Jim Crow laws developed in the Southto further oppress blacks. violence made freedom awful and created a beautiful view on slavery. Groups such as the KKK terrorized many blacks. Not all Americans took the civil rightsissues seriously and journalism spread the idea of such a strong federal government as a”novelty.” The federal government created strong legislation for blacks to be educated andhelped, such as the Freedmen’s Bureau, but it was not as effective due to powers in the Southwho were against it. Blacks had to cry out for such agencies to help full force and provide suchnecessities as land. But often

times these cries were overshadowed by violence. Constitutional and social developments largely affected the American public and led to a massiverevolution between 1860 and 1877. The Civil War and the Southern Reconstruction were theirresults. The revolutions from such factors did not end until the Compromise of 1877 and theelection of President Hayes. Issues and changing goals concerning politics and states’ rights,black suffrage, and civil rights all helped contribute to the chaos. America has never seen such astrong turmoil as dangerous as this one since 1860 to 1877.