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shoemaking, that should be their sole purpose in society. Many disagree with this point. Humans in a society should rightfully be able to move up in class or be able to learn many skilled professions. Plato would argue that this is wrong. He believes that doing another job that is not your purpose in society goes against justice. This again is not good for the society. This way of living leaves members of society looking at things in one way only. They look at life the way they always have and their views and opinions never change. This also could very well lead to the downfall of Plato’s so called “utopian state”. If members of society were given the opportunity to explore different ways of life and class, their understanding of the world would be much more. Plato’s

ideas of class structure and natural abilities are in the minds of many a flaw. In his day, Plato was a brilliant man, and his philosophy still lives strong with us today. There are many different opinions of his ideas good and bad. Although a brilliant philosopher, Plato did show some flaws in his idea of a perfect “utopian state”.