The Religion That Fears Science Dihonours God

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The Religion That Fears Science Dihonours God And Commits Sui Essay, Research Paper Pete Weissbrod hands over all the rights to English 11-per. C March 30, 1995 Waldo Emerson Document on technology/science “The Religion that Fears Science Dishonors God and Commits Suicide” In a modern and constantly changing world like ours, we are always moving forward, progressing, and learning. Our growth and development is made of scientific progress that expands our knowledge and abilities. This science is what makes us what we are today, and everybody, whether a creator or consumer, is involved in science presently. Some children, to this day in America, die painful deaths for the sole reason that their own parents refuse to give them the medicine that they need to

live. Some areas all over the world remain poor because they refuse to buy any technology to keep up with the rest of the world. Entire countries will refuse to progress with the rest of the world because they shun certain types of technology, making trade and communications difficult. It would also seem, at the same time, that many religions condemn scientific progress out of fear of losing the mystery and magic of their beliefs. The people that follow these religions truly have nothing to fear, because all that science does is bring us closer to the truth, and the real God himself. Religions that stay stubbornly solid on their beliefs against science try to ignore this progress and insist on staying primitive. In other words, they refuse to move on with their lives like the

rest of the world. This quote might also be implying that maybe God created science and evolution and therefore created the universe utilizing science. It is plainly stated every day, “God works in mysterious ways,” and therefore he did not just want to make things appear like life forms and the universe itself. Instead, he created them in unique, complicated ways like using evolution. He also gave humans the ability to reason and learn so that we could learn to support ourselves and not always rely on prayer and God’s mercy. We are, perhaps, an experiment in that we were given brilliant minds compared to the other primitive animals. Even if we do make mistakes while using science, maybe we are meant to and that is part of the experiment. This quote is saying that science

was quite possibly one of God’s greatest creations and is also a marveling, complicated, mysterious invention. When a religion disregards the idea that God created science, this is insulting or dishonoring to God because it overlooks one of his greatest accomplishments. Also, considering how much the rest of the world uses science, the religion or society that does not recognize and use science, will eventually fall behind the rest of the world, suffer, and dissolve.