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48-hour day into 24 hours. The hustle and bustle of real life is a more accurate portrayal of your typical family then what the media displays in the Simpsons or any other type of sit-com family. Now let’s look at what I believe is the typical functional family. The Father, typical father figure trying to juggle a million things at once. Gives everything and asks for nothing in return. Wants everything to be a nice status quo, no major ripples in the family harmony. Likes to watch his children grow and blossom into mature responsible adults. Attempts to offer them advice, but lets them make their own decisions (within reason). Now for the relationship between husband and wife. He tries to maintain what they once had, but it’s hard to find the time for each other and fit in

the demands of work and family. Even though this would seem to be a close portrayal of a Stepford type father figure. The Mother homemaker and confidant’, going in every which direction to fulfill everyone’s needs. In charge of the household, the person who sets down the law. Trying to be there for everyone, battling every crisis large or small, and soothing everyone’s fears and injuries. This is the one person in every household that should be placed in high esteem by the rest of the family. She’s the one who sacrificed her youthful figure for their right to life; she nurtured them and taught them the basic skills of life. The relationship she maintains with her husband is not so much as a subservient wife where she sees him as lord and master of the realm, but as a

partnership. Sharing in the joys and hardships of the family. The children intelligent know it all’s. “Been there done that ” attitude. All ready know everything there is and can’t be told different. Until they get in trouble, then it’s off the to mom and dad to bail them out. Trend setters in their own mind have to have everything that everyone else has, Nikes, jnco’s, the latest CD’s and anything else that’s hip. Don’t get me wrong they have their good qualities it usually surfaces in a one on one situation. That’s when you realize the type of hopes, dreams, and ambitions they harbor. All in all some of the best kids to be around, until all three decide to gang up on you and you have to resort to your wits and will power.