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The Regan Ruth Essay, Research Paper The American Revolution, arguably the most significant era in United States history, is what is mainly responsible in shaping our country into what the strong nation it is today. During this period of time, there were many conflicting views on the philosophies and the visions of Americas future. Individuals such as George Washington, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton were the men that led the supporters of a stronger national government, otherwise known as federalists. The federalists were strong supporters of the constitution. On the contrary end, their opponents were labeled Anti-Federalists. These individuals argued that a the ratification of the constitution would endanger the rights of states. The federalists vision of America

began with their values for America. There values included many elements such as a belief that there it was necessary to have a division of power between the national government, and the state government, Justice for all, as well as the welfare for all citizens were also prime examples of the believes of these men. The federalists felt very passionate in what they believed in. In one instance, John Jay, an strong supporter of the constitution wrote 85 letters that were printing in local newspapers supporting the constitution. These papers became known as The Federalist Papers. The federalists believed that the country was in bad shape without one of their main values, unity, and they wanted to obtain that unity through a national set of laws. Federalists believed that the

national government under the Articles was too weak. The federalists had a vison of an expanding commercial republic, and having America as one of the strongest most powerful countries in the world. They believed that the ratification of the constitution would be in the best interest for the future of America. The inverse side of things was a much different story. Although with most anti-federalists there was no doubting that the Articles had to be revised, they strongly opposed the constitution, claiming that it would destroy the individual freedoms and the rights of states. Another reason the anti-federalists felt negatively of the constitution is because of it’s lack of a Bill of Rights. Strong supporters of the anti-federalist movement included Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams,

and George Mason. The turning point in Americas history free will may have came from the articles printed in The Federalist Papers. Although both perspectives on the issue were strongly supported, it was clear that the federalist were more organized in their arguments. The literature in The Federalist Papers and the promise of a bill of rights led to the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, much to the federalists’ delight. rxcv