The Reform Of Schools Essay Research Paper

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The Reform Of Schools Essay, Research Paper The Reform of Schools The government of Ontario proposes there is a need to make universally accepted rules in the school system. For students to be more disciplined, the government needs to achieve new province wide standards. If the new school standards will not discipline the students, and if each school entails its guidelines, then the government s province wide code of conduct will fail. Moreover, the intervention of the government will not enforce the students to become more disciplined. While the arguments for producing new rules are unrealistic, more powerful arguments can be made supporting the current code of conduct. With the government s proposition to create a new code of conduct, the students will receive more

disciplinary action. Just as the law governs society, the province wide guideline governs the student body. Since the rules will be explained, and since the students will understand the consequences of their actions, then the students will follow these rules. Due to the thoroughness and strictness of the outcomes, there will be fewer problems in the school system. Moreover, to separate schools means to separate students. Since the new code of conduct produces equality, and since it sets forth equal status among individuals, then the students will have a standard that the entire province takes part in. Now, the schools are going from each one entailing their code of conduct. To treating all schools as equals. For example, if a student in Ontario skips out of class, and if the

student receives a punishment (making up that class on their time weekends), then the students in other provinces will not skip out of class. Overall, the new bill will make the students who do not want to be at school the school s choice, not the students. In opposing this proposition, the intervention of the government will not solve schools individual problems. Since discipline is taking place in schools, and since certain schools acquire more disciplinary action from others, then the current code of conduct exemplifies self-discipline and respect towards authority. Purpose for multiple codes of conduct allows the school system to punish the students accordingly. If there was a new province wide standard, there would be one punishment to distribute; however, with the current

system, teachers are allowed to fluctuate the punishment according to the severity of the crime. In addition, punishments and discipline play an active role in a student s development. It is essential in determining respect for themselves and authority. Every school in the province has their code of conduct. This is plausible because students behave differently in various places. Moreover, punishments would have to fit accordingly to the crimes committed. Therefore, this can only take place if schools entail their codes of conduct. In conclusion, when analyzing the disciplinary problems, these “new” rules will not alter the dilemmas encountered in the school system. These rules cannot be universally accepted; every person is different and every school is different.

Furthermore, these rules will result in a failure to discipline. The school system will no longer tolerate the disobeying students. In addition, the schools will enforce the punishments according to the severity of the crime. Overall, for Premier Mike Harris to present a new code of conduct will eventually become unsuccessful.