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the two brothers. Once Henry goes off to war, Lyman and him send each other letters. Henry tells Lyman where he is and Lyman always tries to keep Henry informed all about the car. Using the car as a topic to keep in touch with each other works while Henry is off at war. Therefore when Henry returns the best way Lyman figures he can communicate with his brother is by using the red convertible in the same way. I thought the car might bring the old Henry back somehow, was Lyman s idea. Another conflict that the red convertible helps reveal is man vs. machine. Henry and the red convertible may be different in just about every single way but they both shared the same role throughout the story. Both Henry and the red convertible were dear to Lyman and he lost both at the same place,

one by fate and the other by choice. In this story man wasn t so much different from machine. These are just two of the conflicts in the story in which the red convertible is used to reveal them. In conclusion the red convertible is a symbol of the brothers bond and shows how in a story symbols can be used in many ways by the author to reveal many different elements of the story. Whether it be actually symbolizing something or assisting to reveal important parts of the story as a whole. The red convertible in this story is a good example of how a symbol can act as a revealing agent of different elements of fiction.