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spread the methyl blue. I would consider either not using the methyl blue colour change technique at all or use a substance which is more precise as I felt that the method did not allow accurate use of methyl blue because of how it was used and what it acted on. This added to the slight ?unpredictability? of the experiment.My Results ??????????? ??????????? To make sure that the results were as reliable as I could make them, I calculated the mean of three results at each interval when dealing with the rate and also used these to produce my log values. ??????????? I took all precautions to make the apparatus used to be reliable and give good values so I think the slight unreliability was caused by the preparation of the solution and the ?unpredictability? of how the reaction went

that came with it. To obtain more reliable results I would want complete continuity with preparations, maybe arranging ?sets? of substances to create multiple solutions beforehand or preparing them but not actually activating the yeast so as to prevent any getting a ?head start? over the others. This would ensure that all the preparations are the same and would give continuity. I would want to be more strict and thorough with preparing solutions and mixing them up. I would want each one to be thoroughly acclimatised to the surroundings and had the same amount of methyl blue and same activating and mixing time. This would help give more reliable results throughout. ??????????? If I were to further investigate this experiment and my results, I would probably want to calculate the

point where the enzymes begin to denature for respiration in yeast. I could also examine the change in rate between the intervals to determine validity and continuity, also running them through maybe more intricate calculations involving log. At this stage, I shouldn?t think there is to be much more I could do. I wouldn?t want to investigate any other variables or reactions at this time.