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Brazil in the post-World War II period began a headlong drive toward industrialization, which turned the nation from an essentially rural society into one in which three-fourths of the population is urban. In 1940 less than one-third of the total population of 42,000,000 lived in urban areas; by the late 20th century more than that number lived in the S o Paulo metropolitan area alone. Rio de Janeiro has the second largest metropolitan population, and other major metropolitan areas include Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Fortaleza, and Bras lia. Somewhat smaller are Recife, Curitiba, P rto Alegre, and Bel m. This rapid growth has led to a series of physical and social problems, while the demand for housing has raised land values to staggering heights. As a result, members of the middle

class have been forced more and more to live in minuscule apartments in densely packed high-rises, while the poor are confined to shantytowns, so-called favelas, or in more distant developments that may be several hours away from the workplace.