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trees in the rain forest produce oxygen but the lack of this is not really the big problem. What is a major issue is when the rain forest is cut down, the carbon dioxide is no longer being held and is now sent into the atmosphere adding to the “greenhouse effect.” Having started this effect by the huge factories and such in our nation, the destruction of the rain forest is just adding to the problem. In 1995 when 2 million square miles of rainforest were cut down, the covered enough distance to travel from the rocky mountains to Rhode Island. This research seems to indicate that if more and more rainforest s cut down the atmosphere will be more and more polluted adding to the environmental problems already faced by the earth. Randy Hayes once said, ” We’ll boycott a

corporation until the sends of the Earth if we have to, because the end of the Earth is really what is at stake.” This quote is really notable because it is correct. If companies are not boycotted the end of the earth may rapidly approaching. A large company based in Japan cuts trees into tiny pieces to create disposable chopsticks and this organization is one of the ones he is most likely talking about. What a waste of the rain forest, disposable chopsticks. These chopsticks are not made directly form the first growth trees of the rain forest but from cleared spaces in the land. Fast growing hoop pines are planted in these spots. They are then harvested and monthly, 45 billion chopsticks are shipped out. With all this technology the rainforest is rapidly decreasing. And as

Anderson Mutang Urud says, “The forest is our home, our house. If a thief comes in, we must take action. To us the loggers are thieves in our homeland” The forest really does shelter us. It provides the ways and means to further the medicines of our times and for many other technological advancements. It would seem that the technology that is destroying the rainforest could also be used to help it. One way the world is trying to save the rain forest is by creating biosphere reserves. This idea was first promoted by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. What is designed is to have an inner core of rain forest that is saved and never touched. Around this core is a concentric ring, which is used by the human inhabitants of the area. They can use

this land to gather plants and food. Around this zone is the one used my more people for farming or development. A plus for this type of reserve is that there will always be that inner core tat is composed of never touched rain forest. Its drawbacks include the fact that if the two outer zones get too full people may start chipping away at the core reducing it little by little. The people that will live on these reserves usually are very environmentally conscious so this problem may actually disappear. Peter White writes about how in Central America and Amazonian, spans of undisturbed forests have been cleared for cattle ranches and farms due to the need for a greater advancement of technology. Too often, the pastures and fields lose their productivity after a few years and then

more forest must be destroyed. An alternative to this destruction is being developed at North Carolina State University. The scientists there believe that year round crops can be grown for many years at a time, if scientifically managed. By using soil analysis, modern fertilizers and crop rotation this has been successful. In Peru, a field has raised a variety of plants and found this to be a success. Many companies have been trying to help the forests by making rules. Emil Salim, Indonesia’s minister for control of development and the environment said, “We have good rules. Select cutting only, and mandatory replanting. The problem is enforcement.” Another group that is helping the rain forest without even knowing it is the Kuna Indians. They are a group of Indians that

live in the forest. They inhabit a expanse of 1240 sq. miles and they protect it. They way they do this is my religion. They believe evil spirits live inside the forest, so to not upset tH5em they don’t upset the rain forest. The forest ca even be saved without the use of technology. Clearly the rain forest is a precious natural resource and the technological destruction of the this natural resource effects the entire world. All the destruction taking place today can be fixed, but as Randy Hayes says, “You have to think of it as a long-term process.” It is possible that we can heal the wounds created today but it will take a lot of mending. The advancement of technology is hurting the nature once known to this world. With all this technology, the world is moving so fast