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children ? but there is one thing which is childish. They love you in return for kindness, security and the presents you give them,? ? (p 104). Phuong doesn?t mean to sell herself, but it is just the only ?love? she knows. This is justified by the fact that when a person?s basic needs for survival aren?t met they can?t be concerned with issues such as love. Phuong is using the men in her life as a means of survival. From the outside it could be looked down upon, but there is no other option for her. If she did not use individual men she would have to become on of the girls that Granger fraternizes with and use multiple men. Ignoring the number of men she still sells her body for money. Phuong uses individual prostitution as a necessary means for survival as it is safe for her,

regardless of those around her it may 32b