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Teens often are very social at this stage and that is expected because socialization contributes a lot to a teen?s search for identity. Some teens have already developed a strong sense of self-worth and it is not uncommon, although it is not necessarily expected for them to develop a sense of self worth at such a young age. Today, the percentage of teens who engage in sexual activities is increasing every year together with the incidents of teen pregnancy and STDs. And this is expected because intimate relationships are a big part of the search for identity. As teens begin their journey through adolescence, members of the opposite sex become more and more interesting and relationships with people of the opposite sex become more important than the close friendships earlier made

with people of the same sex. The increasing availability of drugs has made the temptations for a teenager more widespread. Alcohol, such as beer, among teenagers is perceived as a good thing and associated with fun, good times, beach parties, and adulthood. The quest for identity is a very hard journey: it can ?make? a person or ?break? a person. . : Barnet, S., & Bedau, H. (1996). Sex education: should condoms be distributed in schools? Current Issues and Enduring Questions. (pp.292-299). Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin?s Press. Finkel, A. J., & Kunz, J. R. M. (1987). Special problems of adolescence. The American Medical Association Family Medical Guide. (pp723-729). New York: Random House. Insel, P. M., Peterson, R. A., McKay Rollins, L., & Roth, W. T. (1994).

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