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The Progressive Movement Essay, Research Paper Tom Bellini History The Progressive Movement In 1905 American Social reformers began to call themselves Progressives. The philosophy of progressivism welcomed innovations and reforms in government to alleviate ills of society and wanted people to have more control over the government. The Progressives and, this movement, to get away from problems such as business monopolies, dishonest politics, city slums, and poor working conditions in factories and mines. From 1890 to 1900 reformers helped bring about laws aimed at relieving these problems. The Progressive Movement had three reforms which included economic, political, and social. This paper will also include individuals who were very influential during the Progressive Movement.

Upton Sinclair wrote ?The Jungle?, which exposed the meat packing industry. Ida Tarbell wrote ?A History Of The Standard Oil Company?. There was also Samuel H. Adams who exposed the medicine industry. Progressive State governors at this time included Robert M. LaFollette, of Wisconsin, Hiram Johnson, of California, and Charles Evans Hughes, of New York. At the beginning of the Progressive Movement, many goals were set. The goals consisted of economic, social, and political reforms. The economic reforms were going to be pointed more in the direction of taxes and Big Business. The Progressives wanted more government control of business and tax reform. For too long businesses had been too influential in the government, and the progressives felt that it was time that the government

stepped in. Another economic reform that the Progressives pushed was having taxes based on income rather than property holdings. To avoid high taxes people would put there property into bonds so that it would not be taxed. The third economic reform goal was to get the government responsible for the social welfare of its citizens. At the time of the Progressive Movement there were also many social problems that faced America. One goal that was set was to have housing regulations. Another goal was to establish a minimum wage. The reason for that was that in the factories and mines workers were working an eight hour day, and they were not receiving a fair wage. The Progressives also wanted safety requirements in the workplace. In some factories the conditions were very hazardous and

haphazard. By the way of the media, the Progressives wanted to increase public awareness of corruption and other problems in the businesses and the government. There were many advantages such as free passes on railroads that were given to government officials to influence their actions. The Progressives also wanted to increase popular participation in the American system. The Progressives also wanted to make many political reforms. They pushed the goal for the rights of the citizens to govern themselves. The Progressives felt that the government should be able to control big business however, they believed that the people should have more freedom in the government. The Progressives also wanted to decrease the role of special interest groups in the government. They felt that they

had too much power in government decisions. The Progressives also wanted to make the government more honest and responsive to the needs of the citizens. The Progressives felt that the government had been ignoring the needs of the people and were too engaged in political problems. The Progressive Movement also wanted to create more of an active, stronger role for the Federal government to protect the public interests. During The Progressive Movement, there were many influential individuals who helped keep the movement running. Part of the movement came from a group of journalists known as muckrakers. They were given this name by Theodore Roosevelt because he felt that the muckrakers were making people discontented by pointing out what was wrong with society. The muckrakers felt