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that he is the only character that would have a flaw because he symbolizes hypocrisy in the biblical version of the parable. In Keillor’s version, all three characters had shortcomings. The father seemed not to know how to show his love for his older son that it seemed like he just ignored him. He also seemed to favor his younger son more. The older brother was very bitter because of this and was very jealous of his younger brother. The younger brother on the other hand took advantage of his father and was very irresponsible and immature, maybe because he knew that his father would take him back. This can be seen in the scene in which he rehearses what he would say to his father when he returned home; it seemed insincere. In conclusion, the parable of the Prodigal Son from the

Gospel of Luke and from Garrison Keillor’s adaptation conveys the same lesson. It is the style, the mood and the apparent influence of the time that it was written in that made the difference. Just as the biblical version was probably easier to understand for the people of the past, the modern, humorous version is just as easy for us to comprehend. The important thing is that it is understood for that is what a parable is created to do, to convey a lesson.